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The Technical support department 's of Rocol SA , called SchwindLatin S.A. was created as an independent company in the year 2001 in order to specialize and give greater importance to technical support and after-sales service, convinced that through a support responsible and customer-focused , is the only way to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and users. SchwindLatin S.A. It is dedicated to providing after-sales service: installation, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, user training, monitoring and support to all customers. As a sign of respect for our customers and suppliers, and to ensure optimal service, SchwindLatin S.A. obtained in 2006 the ISO 9000 quality certification for all its processes, ensuring that our working model is ideal for providing technical service. This certification has been validated each year by the certifying body. SchwindLatin S.A. It is made up of about 25 people, who are responsible for customer service and technical support, including more than 15 electronic, bilingual engineers, graduates of the best universities in Latin America (several with graduate studies), trained and certified directly by the respective manufacturers to service their equipment. The high profile of our engineers also allows them to clinical and scientific support to our users, because their preparation is comprehensive and goes beyond the technical area. We also have a Coordinator Applications, refractive surgery specialist optometrist who has extensive clinical and scientific experience in the area of ​​research, and monitoring and support for users in their clinical outcomes. Through Applications Department coordinate and channel the requirements of clinical, as well as training in new technologies and applications. We have a large stock of parts and consumables allows us to provide a quick solution to the problems that may arise teams. We also have specialized tools that allow us to make accurate diagnoses and appropriate remedies for, thus minimizing repair time of equipment. All this has made us considered the Latin American leader in Technical support, and a role model as manufacturers say we work.


Deliver those who trust in our company, at least a little more than expected, with highly qualified and suitable for the provision of after-sales and maintenance service of ophthalmology and cosmetic tools.


Be in the next 5 years the company model in Latin America, to offer after-sales and maintenance service for high-tech medical equipment, especially ophthalmology, aesthetics, oncology and others, always seeking excellence in service.


"We provide a reliable, flexible and timely service in the installation, maintenance, training and comprehensive advice on equipment of ophthalmology and aesthetics. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, through a highly qualified staff, carefully selected suppliers and continuous improvement of our processes."

Aesthetics Sales Line: Ext. 115

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Excimer Laser Sales Line: Ext. 111

Surgical Sales Line: Ext. 115

Oncology Sales Line: Ext. 208

Lentech Company Sales Line: Ext. 107

Technical Support: Ext. 210

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Accounting Department Schwind Latin: Ext. 205

Marketing Department: Ext. 104 - 105

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