Microscopio Especular CellChek XL

Microscopio Especular CellChek XL

Konan Medical

El nuevo estándar de diagnostico para determinar con exactitud la densidad de la célula endotelial en pacientes. Los microscopios de conteo de células endoteliales Konan son los líderes mundiales en análisis de células endotelial, tanto para la práctica clínica y la investigación.

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The specular microscope CellChek XL represents the ultimate in the analysis of endothelial cells, algorithms and computer technology. Improved auto-focus, auto-alignment, and automatic cell count, the CellChek consistent XL easily capture high-quality images of the corneal endothelium of the patient using a patented method that identifies the position of the cellular interface.

The CellChek XL offers five attachment points for capturing the image in the center and four peripheral sites, allowing a wider corneal glare. This is particularly valuable in cases such as keratoconus | corneal transplants, DSAEK, CXL, or the presence of corneal dystrophies.

CellChek XL is the only speculate sample analyzes location-specific data with CellChek software, which automatically records the location from which the data samples were acquired microscope. This is a great value specular microscopy as it is able to assess and quantify changes in the cornea over time.

The advanced features of database

It has an advanced database with a fully integrated management system that allows robust data mining and simplification of links to electronic medical records.

The optical pachymetry Cellcheck XL includes non-contact which provides corneal thickness measurements on five sites sample data. Independent studies have shown that this system is more accurate than traditional ultrasound

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