OcuLight® GLx

OcuLight® GLx


IRIDEX® Green Laser
Photocoagulator Family
Control, Precision, Convenience

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The Industry Standard for Performance and Value
° Includes TrueCW™ laser pulses for maximum control and precision
° Designed for durability, with a thermal management system to
increase laser conversion efficiency and reliability
° Enhances user interface with conveniently located, easily
understood controls
° Allows easy transport between rooms and offices

Advancing Technology with MicroPulse® Module*
° Tissue-sparing procedures to deliver energy below levels of
standard photocoagulation
° Reduces thermal spread by confining heat to the target area1

Optional Accessories
° For added convenience, a remote control and ergonomic wireless
footswitch can be used to operate the laser while reducing clutter
-Remote Control (for OcuLight® TX and IQ 532™ )
-Power Adjust Wireless Footswitch

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